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Client Success Stories
We infuse security and resilience into every project to ensure successful outcomes for our clients and country.

Established DoD’s Primary Cyber Modeling and Simulation Platform

The Invictus team played a pivotal role in the developing, deploying, and sustaining the DoD’s primary cyber platform for a realistic modeling, simulation, and training environment.

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First Agency-Level Enterprise Pen Test Team Established Protecting Critical US Infrastructure

Since 2018, Invictus has provided cybersecurity services to a critical infrastructure entity in the United States. This customer engaged us to devise a comprehensive strategy for implementing penetration testing across their operational environment.

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Testing a Cross Domain Solution for over 80TB of the Most Complex Data Per Day

Invictus is developing a Cloud Native (CN) workflow engine tailored to support 557th WW CDS requirements to interact with the Amazon Web Services (AWS)-native Object Transfer Service – an AWS-managed CDS.

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Increased Productivity 10x and Refined Accuracy by Utilizing Invictus Cyber Lab AI/ML Technologies

Within the first 18 months of our partnership, Invictus’ AI/ML lab and our initial ML solutions revolutionized the average number of software solutions provided to our customer, skyrocketing from eight to over 80 per month.

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Providing Rapid Response Cybersecurity Solutions to Maximize Mission Impact

Invictus stands out for its ability to swiftly respond to and fulfill US Government requirements with exceptional speed and efficiency, surpassing many other contractors in the field due to our well-structured contracts, highly skilled personnel, and state-of-the-art facilities.

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Infusing Security into FAA’s NextGen Systems

As the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is modernizing the nation’s air transportation system, our team is ensuring cybersecurity is at the forefront of new control systems, radars, and protecting the data they utilize.

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Reduced Time to Accreditation Enhances Agency’s Security Posture

Through the integration of cybersecurity controls across the lifecycle of information technology systems and programs, Invictus cut the time to accreditation while enhancing the agency’s overall security posture.

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Invictus Saves Thousands of Analyst Man Hours

Our software development team developed a new application, that included AI technologies, to save a client thousands of man hours – enabling analysts more time to focus on doing analysis, vice searching for and organizing data.

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