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Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)

Invictus brings to bear a wide range of skills and talent to lead their customers through their respective Zero Trust journeys. Our team possesses decades of experience in the cybersecurity realm and we are one of the first companies to have our team members achieve the Forrester New Wave Zero Trust extended strategy framework certification.  In addition, our staff  has built ZTA architectures in real world situations.  While adoption of Zero Trust Architecture requires a shift in mindset and culture, it is based in cyber defense practices and concepts and has always been the desired state of cyber defense.  Zero Trust will reconfigure, reprioritize, and augment existing capabilities, portfolios and resources to evolve toward a next-generation security architecture. We can take our customers from a perimeter-based security model to one that minimizes trust by continuously validating that access to data is secure, authenticated, and timely.
Zero Trust Assessments of the Current Environment/Enterprise
Per the DoD zero trust reference architecture and NIST zero trust framework, Invictus works with our clients to determine their current zero-trust maturity and capture the baseline of their existing capabilities.  Invictus will help identify critical assets and data by conducting a thorough assessment of any environment to help identify and document your assets, subjects, data flows, and workflows. The Invictus team will then conduct a gap analysis to determine where within the environment zero trust already and where your environment requires maturation and provide a technical roadmap for processes, procedures, and policies for the adoption of new technology.


Accelerating Zero Trust through Technologies & Processes on Agency/ Organization Strategic Road Map
Invictus identifies current initiatives and capabilities on the current technology roadmap that would make good candidates for maturing the organization towards a more complete zero trust architecture.  Invictus will identify additional innovative technologies and capabilities to maximize current infrastructure investments, reduce risk, lower operating costs, and design a solution to avoid vendor lock-in. These technologies include identity authentication technologies, robust device management solutions and strategies, zero trust enabled network security solutions, virtualization, segmentation, and cloud modernization.


Implementing ZTA-Enabled Services through High-Value Asset Policies
Invictus’ goal is to support our customers through every aspect of the ZTA journey, to provide cybersecurity support including the development of policies for agencies migrating through zero trust. Invictus understands that this is a difficult journey and a cultural change for every customer. We implement lessons learned from agency assessments, and best practices to provide a unique maturity feedback loop to identify gaps and prioritize zero trust pillar protection policies.


Implementing Zero Trust Capabilities and Tools
Invictus has a highly-skilled, trained, and certified workforce and vendor partnership to successfully guide our customers through the entire journey of ZTA technology implementation. We help develop the plan and adopt technologies to transition from stove-pipe IT services to integrated solutions leveraging automation and orchestration.


Deployment, Monitoring and Facilitating Continuous Improvement with ZTA
Invictus assists with continuous integration, continuous deployment (CI/CD) models, and continuous diagnostic and mitigation (CDM) to assist to consider the protections they deploy and where those controls can deploy. We assist with application health and security monitoring for visibility and analytics capability.   We can also support expanding the ZTA assessment and regular security monitoring to detect malicious activity, systems, compliance, and security testing.