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Infrastructure Engineering & Modernization

Invictus understands to stay competitive, enterprise IT infrastructures must run like a well-oiled machine. Meeting this goal requires stakeholders to work closely together to modernize operations by underscoring the importance of streamlining technology stacks and layers to drive optimal performance and enable modernization activities, empowering managed service delivery models, and embracing a continuous improvement mindset. Invictus delivers these services through a transparent, collaborative approach with our customers, making your journey our journey.
Modernizing Enterprise-Level Infrastructures
Invictus provides full technical solution lifecycle management and modernization services. Our experience through the Defense and Intelligence communities provides scalable and repeatable strategies and frameworks to modernize enterprise-level infrastructures operating in both unclassified and secure domains. We leverage emerging best practices, such as software-defined and infrastructure-as-code capabilities, best practice integration techniques, and self-healing, to deliver an outside-in approach to modernization.


Enterprise Operations & Optimization
To Invictus, lack of visibility is one of the largest challenges our customers. We leverage available tools to their fullest extent, create near real-time dashboards, and target areas for improvement through a data-centric approach. By creating a full picture, we gain an understanding of the environment as is, and also the most impactful path for improvement. Invictus models our support around ITSM best practices, including the ITIL framework, to deliver support to mission end-users through a continuous improvement approach.


Managed Services
Invictus’s managed service delivery model takes a granular approach to understanding the challenges and desired benefits of our customers. Our model aims to introduce efficiencies wherever feasible. Invictus provides managed services in both customer-owned contractor-operated and contractor-owned contractor-operated delivery models and can be provided in both dedicated and leveraged models depending on requirements.


Enterprise Service Desk 24 x 7 Operations
Invictus delivers an Enterprise Service Desk approach rooted in successes and lessons learned from similar implementations within Defense and Intelligence Community agencies and entities. We optimize staffing support to 24×7 operations by fostering cross-training between Tier 0 and Tier 1 personnel to provide a dynamic capability to flex in real-time, augmenting our personnel through the use of our internal incubator program for periods of high call volume, and ensuring our personnel are qualified, trained, and empowered with industry best practices.


Automation & Optimization
Through our diversified experience across the Federal marketplace, we define and integrate service desk operations with best-practice processes and industry-leading tools to reduce variation, manage support costs, and introduce automation to the fullest extent feasible. Through our approach, we deliver: Improved Efficiency in Handling Customer Requests; Inherent Capability to handle High Priority Surge Efforts; Maximized Customer Satisfaction; and Scalability for Future Growth.


Data Center Consolidation
Data center consolidation today is focused on the deployment of the infrastructure vice the more traditional approach of centralizing equipment.  Invictus experts and thought leaders support data center consolidation efforts across the Federal landscape, through all levels of classification. We work with our customers through a comprehensive planning stage, aligning business objectives with a scalable consolidation and optimization roadmap while accurately depicting a complete picture of each site’s assets, capacity demand and growth, efficiency, and physical infrastructure capabilities.