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Focused on Solving Our Nation’s Hardest Problems

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We Are Invictus

Welcome to the Unconquered!

Invictus International Consulting is the agile, full-spectrum cyber company that fuses data science and intelligence to deliver advanced technological and analytical solutions required for our national defense.

But in today’s world, we can’t afford to merely meet the requirements.  We are compelled to exceed them.

Learn more by watching our corporate video.

  • Who We Are

    Invictus is a market leader in full-spectrum cyber technology, infrastructure and communications modernization solutions designed to protect the security of our nation’s global defense IT infrastructure.

    We are built upon a spirit of duty, honor, and country. Invictus is deeply rooted in a culture of loyalty, integrity, and accountability, all underscored by our unwavering commitment to flawless execution.

  • What We Do

    Invictus is a cyber applied research, operations and engineering company that focuses on solving the nation’s hardest problems. We provide enterprise level engineering and operations support to national security systems to include advanced technologies, infrastructure and communications modernization support, cyber threat vulnerability assessments and mitigation strategies. Invictus provides applied research and development at our Cyber Lab which focuses on integrating new technologies and research that advance the capabilities of cyber mission forces.

  • Why Invictus?

    We provide management support and technical assistance to highly technical cyber programs and provide cybersecurity expertise to advanced technology programs that require assistance in developing cybersecurity frameworks and requirements at a strategic level.


In recognition of Veterans' Day, we would like to honor those Invictus employees and their family members who have defended our freedom by serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Career Opportunities

Cyber Security Engineer

Counterintelligence Analyst

Counter Drug/Transnational Organized Crime Analyst

DevSecOps Engineer - Zero Trust

Exploit Developer

Intelligence Analyst

Offensive Cyber Operations Planner

Be the master of your fate

We invest in our people so they can secure what matters most – our Nation.

At Invictus, we believe that our people are our most valuable asset and that each person’s background brings a unique perspective that fuels innovation and change. Learn more about what it’s like to work at Invictus, how we invest in our people, and current opportunities.

Partner with Invictus

We treat our partners like we treat our people – like family.

Invictus brings together world-class teams that offer the best mission-focused technologies to meet our client’s rapidly evolving cyber and national security needs. When you partner with us, its more than just a signature on the dotted line. Our business partnerships are built on trust, respect, transparency, and a shared vision of protecting what matters most.

Hear about how we are shaking up the industry

We hit the ground running on day one and the industry took notice.

Our people are the reason for our success and have been recognized across the cyber, national security, and business communities alike. We are honored by the recognition, but are most proud of the excellent work we do every day on behalf of our clients. Learn more about the latest awards, industry accolades, and connecting with our media team.

What's in a name?

Our name is our ethos, our mission, and commitment to serve.

Invictus, which is Latin for unconquered, is also a poem by William Ernest Henley where he writes about the will to overcome challenges in the face of adversity. At Invictus, we stand side-by-side and often times in the gap for our clients as they combat the most complex and challenging threats. We are unconquered because the mission requires nothing less.

Learn more about Invictus' contract vehicles

Invictus is deeply rooted in a culture of loyalty, integrity, and accountability. We serve civilian, intelligence, and defense agencies across the globe and have contract vehicles that enable us to provide cybersecurity, analysis, and technology services. Learn more about the contract vehicles that make this possible.

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    Invictus News

    August 04, 2023

    Invictus Celebrates 9th Birthday

    AUGUST 2023– Invictus celebrates 9th birthday with employee gathering at T.J. Stone’s in Alexandria. The event was attended by Invictus leadership and HQ staff members.

    July 20, 2023

    Invictus Supports DIA Office of Human Resources Modernization

    JULY 20, 2023– Invictus is assisting in the DIA Office of Human Resources (OHR) modernization effort by providing Information Systems Security Engineering support to help OHR navigate cybersecurity requirements.

    June 05, 2023

    2023 Summer Spartans “Prepare for Battle”

    JUNE 2023– This year’s Summer Spartans come from Louisiana Tech, Duke, George Mason, and UMBC.  Their major areas of study include Computer Science, Cyber Security, Cyber Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Systems, and Mathematics. We look forward to providing them with a challenging, yet rewarding summer internship program.

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