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Threat Analysis

Invictus provides US Government and commercial clients with embedded threat analysts skilled in cyber threat analysis, counterintelligence and counterterrorism, transnational threat analysis, financial and economic analysis, and general regional analysis.  Our analysts bring operational experience to better tailor our analysis to specific customer or operational requirements.  Many of our analysts have briefed the Combatant Commanders and Commanding Generals, and several of our analysts have had their products regularly commented on by the Secretary of Defense. 
Transnational Threats
Invictus intelligence analysts provide continuous planning, operational support, and all-source intelligence analysis of global threats emanating from all corners of the globe. They continually analyze shifting global dynamics – from economies to military capacity to transnational organized crime to cyber power.  Our transnational intelligence professionals synthesize large amounts of complex reporting derived from all sources and support activities both for the military across CCMD AORs and law enforcement. They provide decision advantage to the highest levels of USG leadership to detect, assess, and counter threats and engage global partners in countering threat actors.


Cyber Threats
Invictus provides cyber threat analysts to better protect critical enterprises and infrastructure as well as providing focused analysis to better enable cyber operations.  Our cyber analysts provide a mix of analysis and operations experience that enable them to fuse all-source reporting with network and persona reporting that provides a more comprehensive and focused product to decision-makers and operations personnel.


Our functional and regional analysts are cross-trained and maintain an enterprise tools-based approach to increase analytic visibility and collaboration, enabling cross-training and tradecraft export for the rapid adoption of CI research and analytics best practices across our teams. Our analysts have provided analytical support to operations by developing capability assessments, intelligence and physical threat assessments for operations, and assessments for senior leaders’ travel to high threat areas. They also monitor daily intelligence streams and alert appropriate parties to topics of interest.


Threat Finance
Our threat finance subject matter experts (SMEs) provide support to the collaborative interagency process, supporting DoD missions, USG agencies, and/or partner nations to target and disrupt networks that threaten U.S. national security interests. We deliver network analysts experienced in all-source, criminal, and threat finance analysis who perform continuous research, analysis, and multimedia production and dissemination to support government requirements.


Invictus CT analysts provide insight, monitoring, and assessment of current and emerging transnational CT issues related to nation-state and non-state terrorist actors. Many of our analysts have operational and deployment experience attached to specialized units and as a result, our products are tactically focused with the granularity necessary to support operations.   Our analytic products for a specific region supported were regularly read and commented on by the Secretary of Defense.


Invictus is establishing a cadre of analysts to specifically support space operations.  Our analysts have space operations experience that provides a base of knowledge in orbital dynamics, remote sensing, Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT), and telecommunications.  Additionally, they possess detailed knowledge of commercial and government-sponsored use of space to identify and track new launches and developments, counterspace threats and technologies, and to provide relevant, timely, and predictive analysis to both decision-makers and space operators.