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By The Dawn's Early Light

Selected Messages from the CEO to the Spartans of Invictus

Explore the Art of the Possible

I would like to see the extraordinary talent within Invictus explore – explore the art of the possible. Always be thinking of (exploring) ways to make things better through multiple disciplines; better processes, better technologies, better innovative solutions.

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Determination and Hard Work

Rowan (like the Unconquered) knew the mission’s success was paramount. Similarly, the Spartans of Invictus will also never shirk from the task at hand. The client’s mission success is also our ultimate goal.

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Character Does Make a Difference

I believe the Spartans of Invictus are all like Alexander, people of motivation and passion, and with great influence on those with which we come in contact.

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The Eight Agreements

Bill might say, and I certainly would say, that there is a fine line between success and failure and it often comes down to not only how your prepare for the game or the opportunity in business but also how good is the composition of that company or that football team.

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Happy New Year 2018!

This year we have been recognized as a Top 10 Homeland Security Service Provider, which is a direct reflection of the high caliber work accomplished by our Spartans day in, and day out. With that being said, I believe 2018 will be an even greater year for Invictus. WHO ARE WE? THE UNCONQUERED!

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Skill and Confidence are an Unconquered Army

The British Poet George Herbert once said, “Skill and Confidence are an Unconquered Army. “ We are constantly building exactly that and we will change the world.

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“Not how many, but where…”

Whether you are with Invictus, want to be with Invictus or are part of our broader family of teammates and friends, we all aspire to make a difference and be respected.

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