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What Will Your Legacy Be?

“Your legacy is not what you do FOR people; it’s what you leave WITH people.” – Peter Strople

Recently, I was at Red Sox Fantasy Camp trying to play 3rd base with people from 30-80+ years old.  You meet people from all over the country and even the world at these camps, always interesting and all with their own stories.

This year, one of my fellow campers, Herb “Sarge” Sargent, was in his 15th and final camp.  I had never played with Sarge, but always wanted to, as he had an aura about him that exuded friendship, comradery and professionalism.  I had learned over the years that Sarge was involved in a very successful construction business in Maine for over 45 years, which had been founded by his grandfather in 1926 and within which he started his own very successful spin-off.

When he returned home after playing this year, he wrote a very reflective and touching note to his fellow campers about how his perspective of life had changed over the 15 years because of the diverse background of the people who came each year. He wrote that when he came into his first camp in 2007, he had a very narrow view of what kinds of people bring value to the world.  However, a decade and a half later, he now felt that virtually everyone he met at camp had the value to contribute; whether it was a smile, a pat on the back, or grace extended on a poor play just to name a few.

When I read Herb’s soliloquy, I decided that the quote he passed on was perfect for my contribution to this quarter’s newsletter.   I found myself agreeing whole heartedly with Sarge, as he highlighted Championships, trophies, and awards as being FOR people, but friendships, team esprit de corps, camper support and caring were WITH people.

This is so true in life and at Invictus.  We have been a magnificent company for almost a decade now, and we have won many solicitations and awards, which have put a lot of people to work.  However, what makes us special is how we care and work with each other, how we show our competitors how to react to adversity over a loss or with humility over a win, how we are all devoted to each other and to our country, and how we are united in our ability to Defend the Gates of our great country.  This uniqueness of character isolates us from our competitors as they focus on what is FOR people not what is WITH people.

My reflection about this past decade is that I would not change a thing, as each one of you are helping to create this great company, as well as enhancing an individual legacy to be proud of.  Of course, the awards are there because of your professional acumen and commitment to mission excellence.  However, I contend that your real takeaways will be that your time with the Spartans of Invictus will be immeasurable and timeless because of those you have influenced.

You will reflect as Herb did, that you came into Invictus as just another good place with a good reputation, to do a job for however long you deemed fit.  However, I believe that in the not-too-distant future, you will be telling your family, your grandkids, and your friends that you helped create a corporate esprit de corps second to none, while simultaneously solving some of the world’s most critical missions.  You certainly will remember the things FOR people, but you will treasure and pass on the things you learned from what was WITH the people you interacted with.

I am so very proud of you all!  The corporate and individual accolades are a nice part of the package, but getting to know your peers and those you touch are lifetime gifts which will never be forgotten.  A helping hand, a kind gesture, a light which showed the path, a laugh, a mentor, a teammate, a friend all help make life and work more enjoyable and rewarding and it will be those things you will most cherish.

In conclusion, I ask one thing of you as you continue your incredible careers!  Pay it forward…do your part to leave something from you WITH people…so your legacy perpetuates in others. Remember, your legacy is your gift.  As Jonas Salk once asked, “Are we being good ancestors?”

Think about it…and make it happen!

God Bless and Remain Unconquered,