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Our mission is to

At Invictus, we help our clients adapt and respond to the rapidly evolving threat environment of an increasingly unpredictable world.

Our Vision & Values

Our vision is to protect this Nation and transform the way our clients meet critical challenges by combining superior talent with cutting-edge technical solutions to ensure mission success. Failure is not an option.


Our culture is centered on loyalty to our nation, our families, our clients, and our industry partners. Invictus was founded by United States military veterans with a desire to continue to serve our Nation.  Almost 70% of our workforce is comprised of veterans who have heard the trumpet of freedom and continue to answer the call.  All of our workforce are trained, tested and proven in multiple foreign and domestic environments, but the common denominator is that  – when our nation calls, we answer.

Service and Devotion to Duty

Service and devotion to duty are entrenched in the Invictus spirit. We understand our work has far reaching impacts and in order to provide superior support to our clients, we partner with the best and brightest industry partners to maximize mission success. We are committed to cultivating long term partnerships built on trust, transparency, and mutually assured success. These purpose-built partnerships not only further bolster our expertise but also allow us to respond to surge requirements with alacrity.


At Invictus our people are our greatest asset. It is important to us that we provide a healthy work-life balance where we offer flexible work hours and a vibrant, friendly corporate environment.  This allows us to attract the very best talent, ensure long term security and provide each Invictus Spartan a corporate culture that they are proud of.

Today, more than ever, balance has become integral to the modern workforce, alongside professional development, which is why we place a strong emphasis on investing in our people. We offer an annual allowance for continued education and certifications, and empower our employees to achieve their career goals.  We provide vertical and lateral mobility, while ensuring our people are competitively compensated. At Invictus, we have a vested interest in our workforce because…we are a family.


Corporate discipline is imperative in order to maintain the standard of excellence that we require of ourselves.  We are corporately and individually driven to excel and Defend the Gates of this great nation, while our expertise demands that we remain a thought leader in industry.

Our experience has revealed that there is a fine line between success and failure and that motivation and inspiration alone will not carry the day. While desirable, those great qualities must be combined with diversified and disciplined preparation.  Invictus brings the pros’s pro. To us, discipline is fundamental to our rapid success and is our proven weapon of choice.

For many, the company is a culmination of a professional journey that has prepared us to adapt, anticipate, and predict the moves of our adversaries, enabling and delivering proactive decision-making. Throughout our experiences we have adopted best practices, accumulated industry certifications, and have been recognized for our achievements by our clients and peers.

Our entrepreneurial demeanor affords us the foresight to prepare today for the challenges of tomorrow. We think critically, we question the status quo, and we inspire and introduce innovation.