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Program Management and Technical Assistance

Invictus provides management support and technical assistance to highly technical major system acquisitions, cyber programs and capabilities, as well as providing cybersecurity expertise to advanced technology programs that require assistance in developing and integrating cybersecurity frameworks and requirements at a strategic level. Continued support ensures systems and programs maintain a mature cyber risk management posture throughout the entire lifecycle.  Invictus also performs inspection and independent verification and validation (IV&V) activities to ensure programs throughout an agency or enterprise are compliant with current security requirements.  This type of cyber engineering and technical expertise has been provided to assist customers like FAA ensure future air traffic control technologies have cybersecurity requirements and controls embedded in their development and the US Army’s Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO-STRI) had relevant cyber operations content within the Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE) and that operational units could plug-n-play with their existing platforms to create a more realistic training and exercise environment. 
Advanced Cyber Threat Program Support
Invictus provides technical Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and cybersecurity engineers to help plan, manage, and implement customer advanced cyber technology and threat programs.
Invictus develops program management documentation and technology road maps, and suggests current and future customer requirements to meet long-term customer goals in starting, sustaining, or enhancing current and new cybersecurity requirements.
NIST Risk Management Framework Integration
A core company strength, Invictus excels in the integration of the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) for our clients throughout the system lifecycle. From the earliest system concept phase, we reflect a “baked in” vice “bolted on” philosophy, that is key to sound security throughout the program lifecycle, and supporting decision milestones through detailed artifacts documenting the security system requirements. Invictus provides this support to several US Government agencies and Military Services at an enterprise level ensuring security controls are defined and monitored for new technologies or programs that are proposed across enterprises (many of which have over 20,000 users).
Cyber Modeling and Simulation Program Support
Invictus has several years of experience developing, engineering, and implementing cyber modeling and simulation programs. Supporting the Department of Defense, Invictus provided key engineering services and program support to the development and fielding of both the Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE) and Joint Cyber Training Enterprise (JCTE). Invictus has led major areas of development, program support, and content development for each of these and has consistently supported the planning and execution of CYBERCOM sponsored CYBER FLAG exercises.
Cyber Training and Enterprise Classroom Support
Invictus provides curriculum development, course development, instructor-led training, and classroom engineering support to a wide variety of US Government and commercial customers to optimize their cyber training curriculum.  We have provided support to courses and curriculums across the full spectrum of cyber operations and have supported every US Army Training and Doctrine (TRADOC) Center of Excellence, supporting over 3,500 classrooms across the United States.  We use industry-standard Instruction System Design (ISD) and Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (ADDIE) processes and have successfully integrated with multiple Learning Management Systems (LMS).