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Success Stories

Increased Productivity 10x and Refined Accuracy by Utilizing Invictus Cyber Lab AI/ML Technologies

In 2018, a cybersecurity customer sought Invictus to augment an ongoing research initiative that had previously operated under a conventional Time & Material (T&M) project framework. Before Invictus’ involvement, the customer had essentially directed and selected their projects based on technical issues discovered by their supporting contractors and reviewed approximately eight cases per month. This inefficient track record persisted for years before Invictus was brought in to solve the customer’s challenges.

The Challenge

The operational constraints on our customers were primarily due to limitations in people, processes, and acquisition timelines rather than technology. These constraints inhibited our customers’ ability to rapidly achieve their desired mission requirements.

The Solution

Invictus, coincidentally, had just established an advanced rapid acquisition and prototyping lab. This lab was designed to perform Machine Learning (ML) algorithms over labeled data, executing tasks on a large-scale symbolic execution code base. The result was a significant decrease in the cyclomatic complexity required to traverse each execution permutation of the code base, leading to viable software solutions. This solution proved to be an invaluable tool for our customer, with benefits that continue to be realized today.

The Impact

Within the first 18 months of our partnership, Invictus’ AI/ML lab and our initial ML solutions revolutionized the average number of software solutions provided to our customer, skyrocketing from eight to over 80 per month. This surge in productivity and decrease in time-to-solve, has not only benefited our current customer set, but has wide application to the public, private and defense sectors. Our machine learning algorithms introduced a new level of accuracy and exponential output that has opened new apertures of choice to our customers. This shift in our customers’ operations was so profound that it transformed their approach to their operations and the type of problems they could now solve. Invictus essentially provided a road map of how to convert linearly programmed legacy applications to a new and more efficient AI-instantiated version of the software mission sets.  Invictus’ artificial intelligence applications are ever-increasing in maturity and can provide you with AI-enabled solutions to your current problem sets.