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The Invictus Difference

Our clients face the most daunting national security challenges and they turn to Invictus to help them face threats head-on.


Next Gen Cybersecurity Company

At Invictus, we understand how the complexities of a dynamic and increasingly data-dependent world can rapidly increase our client’s enterprise information and mission systems to global risk.

We deliver operationally focused mission assurance, situational awareness, actionable intelligence, and cybersecurity solutions that modern agencies require to overcome their most critical security challenges. We continually investment in research, talent, and advanced mission-critical technologies. This has established Invictus as the new benchmark for innovation in the cyber and national security fields.


Invictus provides it’s clients a unique and intricate architecture of cybersecurity and intelligence talent to resolve our nation’s most complicated challenges.

Our teams bring to bear expertise in full-spectrum cyber to include red team, network protection, detection, response, and recovery, training, and risk management solutions.

Our experts are also relied on to identify emerging threats and leverage cutting edge and emerging technologies to dispatch alerts and mitigation measures.


Invictus provides advanced technical solutions to our clients. We are armed with robust service catalogs with pre-design and pre-built solutions that can be rapidly customized and deployed in highly secured environments to include cloud infrastructures.

Our architects use Agile processes to build software technologies from the ground up in response to our client’s unique requirements. Each of our solutions are battle-tested using cutting-edge modeling and simulation in our labs to ensure operational readiness.


The future of intelligence is not about more data, but instead a more thorough understanding of the data at hand. This foundational intelligence enables all aspects of operations, drives successful mission execution, and is essential to capture a complete picture of a target environment.

Invictus introduces industry-leading solutions and tools in machine learning and artificial intelligence. This intersection of technology and human cognition exposes the relationships between desperate data sets and allows our analysts to focus on a larger cross-section of relevantly available information to meet mission-critical requirements in a more timely manner.





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