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Spartan Spotlight

Erin Fox

As I reflect on my journey from childhood dreams to where I stand now, it’s clear that my path has been a winding one, filled with unexpected turns and surprising discoveries. Growing up, I had a dream of working in a tall building with mirrored windows, I had no idea what was done behind those reflective panes, but I was determined to find out and be a part of it someday.

Eventually, I found myself within the walls of one such building, serving as an office assistant for a personal attorney, and I learned that maybe my dream needed to be broadened a bit, that maybe just being in that building wasn’t going to be all that it seemed to be. As I navigated through various roles over the years, from enjoying what nature had to offer at state parks to the intricacies of insurance offices, from the adrenaline of rock climbing gyms to the complexities of real estate, I realized that the allure of those mirrored windows was the excitement of the unknown, but that maybe I should figure out what I actually would enjoy doing for a career.

My upbringing, marked by frequent relocations due to my father’s job, from Michigan to Kentucky, then to Missouri, and onto Nebraska in my junior year of high school, instilled in me a resilience and adaptability that proved invaluable as I carved my path. It was during my time at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln that I met my husband, Marty, amidst the ebb and flow of college life. Despite my family’s subsequent move back to Michigan, I chose to remain in Lincoln, charting my own course in pursuit of a degree in business administration, only to find my true calling in English – Language and Literature. I soon followed my family to Michigan and received my English degree from Grand Valley State University.

Though my journey had seemed to lead me back to familiar shores, life had more twists in store. Struggling to find my footing post-graduation, I eventually found myself drawn to Norfolk, VA, where Marty’s Navy career had taken him and the opportunity to again start somewhere new was a chance I couldn’t pass up. In Norfolk, I felt that I’d finally found myself somewhere with countless opportunities to find out what I really wanted to do for my career. Amidst the unpredictability of military life, I found a sense of purpose, navigating the challenges with resilience and as much grace as I could muster. It took a few years, but I was finally offered the opportunity to come work for Invictus. As a first-time mother with a newborn, I started out part time as deputy program manager. I quickly found that I enjoyed the challenges that the position offered me and I began working towards my PMP so I could someday have my own program to manage.

Now, going on five years later, with two young children and Marty serving as an IP Officer on a Destroyer, I’ve embraced my roles as a Navy spouse and a Program Manager with pride and determination. It’s been a journey of growth and self-discovery, culminating in my current position as PM of the AFW program, where I’ve found fulfillment and purpose that I had only dreamed of.

As I look back on the winding road that brought me to where I am today, I am proud – proud of the obstacles I’ve overcome, proud of the opportunities I’ve seized, and proud to be a Spartan, standing strong in the face of adversity. My journey continues to unfold, each day bringing new obstacles to overcome, but with each step forward, I’m reminded that the path to fulfillment is often found in unexpected places and that true success lies in embracing the journey with open arms.