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We are proven, trusted partners who provide rapidly evolving technologies to the warfighter.


Next Generation Solutions for Modern Day Problems

Our portfolio of full spectrum solutions are tailored to our customer’s mission objectives to help them rapidly assess, predict, mitigate, and respond to cyber risk. Invictus’ cybersecurity experts are some of the best in the world, with expertise in a broad range of technologies, platforms, and specific systems which enable us to rapidly assess and provide tailored capabilities to fulfill our customer’s requirements.

Our experts commit their lives to securing the backbone of America’s intelligence networks and critical infrastructure. Our unique contracts, operational experience, and technology partners allow us to rapidly develop and integrate new cyber technologies. Our areas of focus include full-spectrum cybersecurity services, research and development, policy and governance, exercises, and training.


Invictus analysts deliver actionable insights and predictive assessments that interpret connections between seemingly unconnected events, detect anomalies, and recognize potential threats. We provide our customers with the predictive assessments necessary to enable rapid decision making for strategic and operational events. We apply the latest data science, machine learning technologies, and analytic tools to support warfighter and national decision makers.

Our capabilities span across multiple intelligence disciplines, collection management, planning and operations support, and as required, subject matter expertise from across the industry and academia to cover the global, cultural, and technological topics we analyze and assess.


Our Software Engineering Group (SEG) is a cross-functional, Agile-enabled team that designs, engineers, deploys, and maintains complex software systems and other emerging technologies with a vendor agnostic approach.

Invictus’ DevOps integrates the latest data science, machine learning, cloud, and cybersecurity technologies that enable our customers to spend more time doing their job, rather than finding and organizing their data. Invictus enables rapid analysis and decision making through a smarter use of the latest technologies. With a number of clients utilizing AWS cloud environments, Invictus is an AWS Gold Partner with certified engineers and corporate development environment that further enables our customers with years of successful cloud migration and integration experience.


Invictus’ enterprise architects, systems engineers, and unified communications engineers design, install, and maintain some the our nation’s most critical information technology (IT) networks and infrastructures.

We serve government, military, and commercial organizations and provide systems integration, telecommunications, cross-domain, and life-cycle design, security, and maintenance services.   Invictus’ senior information technology experts have the strategic insight, operational understanding, experience, and knowledge to quickly address challenges that cannot be solved on typical operations and maintenance contracts.  We ensure our clients remain compliant with federal directives, international agreements, and budget constraints.


Client Success Stories

  • Invictus Saves Thousands of Analyst Man Hours

    Our software development team developed a new application, that included AI technologies, to save a client thousands of man hours – enabling analysts more time to focus on doing analysis, vice searching for and organizing data.

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  • Integrating Security into FAA’s NextGen Systems

    As the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is modernizing the nation’s air transportation system, our team is ensuring cybersecurity is at the forefront of new control systems, radars, and protecting the data they utilize.

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  • Reduced Time to Accreditation Enhances Agency’s Security Posture

    Through the integration of cybersecurity controls across the lifecycle of information technology systems and programs, Invictus cut the time to accreditation while enhancing the agency’s overall security posture.

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