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Employees Enterprise IT News Press Releases April 08, 2022

Invictus Hosts On-Site Red Hat Training

Alexandria, Virginia – April 8, 2022 – A week of intensive training in Red Hat wraps up today at Invictus headquarters. The course, which included in-person instruction and an on-site lab, was necessary to teach skills vital to the work of both ESITA and JMOD engineering delivery team members. It also provided the current Invictus CN-CDS team working with the Air Force program the understanding of when to/not to use Red Hat OpenShift. In addition, with this training, Invictus is now positioned to provide SMEs in Red Hat OpenShift Engineering and Administration, which are essential skills our customers seek.

About Invictus International Consulting

Invictus is an award-winning cybersecurity services and technology solutions company that provides elite cyber talent to the National and Homeland Security communities, and commercial clientele. Invictus is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia and was founded by military veterans.