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Cyber Press Releases November 18, 2018

Field Testing Cyber Technologies at the Playas Training and Research Center (PTRC)

November 18, 2018 – Working with our partner at New Mexico Tech (NMT), Invictus and the NMT staff at Playas Training and Research Center (PTRC) and the Institute for Complex Additive Systems Analysis (ICASA), hosted several of our clients for a two-day technical assessment of their technology. PTRC provides our clients the ability to operationally test new technologies in a town and village, with live networks in a relatively spectrum-free environment that allows for line-of-sight access in a desert plain surrounded by several mountain ranges.

PTRC is managed by the expertise of the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (EMRTC) of New Mexico Tech, a public university located in Socorro, NM. Founded in 1947, EMRTC has gained a renowned reputation in research, testing, and training that is sustained by nationally recognized scientists, engineers, computer analysts, instructors, and technicians.
Playas Training and Research Center (PTRC) serves government and industry clients, nationally and internationally, that require controlled environment, reality-based testing and training venues in any aspect of physical security.

NMT and the PTRC facility is available for future assessments under Invictus’ Agile Cyber Technology 2 (ACT2) contract vehicle.