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Announcements Employees News April 04, 2021

Invictus Recognized for Diverse Workforce

With over 43% of its employees people of color, Invictus is one of the leading diverse midsize companies in the greater Washington, D.C. area, according to Washington Business Journal’s Corporate Diversity Index.

Jim Kelly, President and CEO of Invictus stated, “We select the most talented and capable people we can find.  I’m not surprised that doing so creates a diverse workforce, as the qualities we seek in potential employees are not exclusive to any particular group.  That said, we’re very proud to reflect the diversity seen in the community at large.”

As a company, we appreciate the importance of maintaining a diverse staff, and also the benefits that it provides.  According to Kelly, “Diversity is an accelerant for change and enhances our ability to adapt to an ever-changing world. The more diverse we are, the more powerful we become, and the better we are able to Defend the Gates of our great country.”

About Invictus International Consulting

Invictus is an award-winning cybersecurity services and technology solutions company that provides elite cyber talent to the National and Homeland Security communities, and commercial clientele. Invictus is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia and was founded by military veterans., @InvictusIC