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Invictus Opens Columbia Maryland Office


Invictus has opened an office in Columbia, Maryland to provide additional depth in support of our customers.  Invictus Computer Network Operations (CNO), developers, and engineers, along with our teammates, are providing capability development in support of real world objectives.  Our new office currently includes a lab to support development and testing in support of current customer requirements.

Invictus has also taken the next steps to develop two other internally funded research and development (IR&D) labs in Columbia which will enable greater support to mission.  One IR&D lab will create the infrastructure necessary to support testing and evaluation of capabilities developed by other vendors to ensure successful execution in the wild.  The second lab will support the development of a capability catalog to complement our onsite presence within customer spaces.  We currently have eight developers and engineers who are supporting Columbia operations, both via remote access and on site.  However, our IR&D labs will likely increase the footprint dramatically, based on anticipated customer demand.