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Spartan to Alaska – When You Need the Best

While many of us prepared for a Memorial Day Weekend, one of Invictus’ finest, Ian Brenner, traveled across the country to conduct a priority penetration test on the Alaska Satellite Telecommunications Infrastructure (ASTI) system at the direction of our FAA Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Cybersecurity Group customer. ASTI is an Alaska-specific system designed and operated to meet the unique geographic challenges of the area. Unlike much of “the lower 48,” Alaska’s air traffic management communications and data connectivity cannot rely on ground based networking infrastructure. Therefore, the FAA employs a primarily SATCOM focused solution approach which integrates more IP based capabilities and components than standard systems.

Ian’s travel and testing window spanned 22-27 May with testing commencing on 24 May. Due to agency travel restrictions, Ian was the sole tester deployed.  Invictus’ detailed testing was able to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities that an adversary or hacker could exploit.  Invictus conducts these tests and assessments for a number of US Government customers and this trip is a highlight of our strong customer relationships and the value our cyber security engineers bring to our clients.  The Team Lead and Program Manager received compliments on Ian’s professionalism, meticulousness, and thoroughness.

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