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Invictus Establishes an Agency Level Penetration Testing Program at FAA

Bink Skinner discusses Invictus’ Penetration Testing Program at FAA

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Insider Threat and Cyber Espionage: Watch Your Back!

As a discipline, Insider Threat is often misunderstood, in part because of the nature of the term. An “Insider” is typically someone who plays an integral role in an organization and is trusted with sensitive information, resources, infrastructure, and data, while a “Threat” is something that possesses a serious risk…

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The Front Door Concept: Creating a Central Point of Entry Into a Cybersecurity Program

Strengthening an organization’s cybersecurity posture does not always have to be an effort strictly focused on zeros and ones or whether you have a governance structure in place that is tailored to the enterprise in the context of its operating environment. Strategic use of people, coupled with improved processes…

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