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Announcements Employees News Press Releases June 06, 2022

Summer Spartans – Invictus Grows Internship Program

Alexandria, Virginia, June 6, 2022 – Our summer interns arrived today for their first day at Invictus. This year’s interns were primarily software engineers and cyber security engineers from George Mason University and Louisiana Tech and were chosen from a pool of applicants drawn from university visits and interviews conducted at a number of different colleges and universities across the US.

While we have had an intern program at Invictus for many years, we have recently formalized and expanded it.  With connections and interest in the academic community, Scott King, Invictus Chief Security Officer, now leads the program, and is responsible for the current structure and pace.

Scott explained, “Our interns are carefully selected and vetted by our Program Managers from on campus visits. The experience we will be able to provide them is invaluable especially when they can be processed for a US Government clearance while still a student. Their unique understanding on emerging technologies will provide a youthful insight to our full-time staff and our operation. I’m looking forward to working and getting to know them this summer.”

The recruiting process for 2023 will start in September with recruiting visits to campuses right after the 2022 interns finish their summer program, and Invictus will also list an intern job requirement for applicants to formally apply. Interviews are scheduled for candidates with the required background and skills, and hiring decisions on our program for the following summer are normally made before Thanksgiving. We anticipate doubling the size of the program for summer of 2023.

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