Information Technology Services


At Invictus International Consulting we understand that each of our customers has a seemingly constantly evolving range of requirements and faces a unique set of mission challenges, which is why our experienced engineers choose to take a vendor agnostic approach to the technology solutioning process. Leveraging our in-depth knowledge and unrivaled insight into the Federal Civilian, Defens

e, National Security, and Intelligence mission spaces Invictus brings Commercial Best Practices and emerging technologies to bear, optimizing operational readiness to insure mission critical data and infrastructure remain safeguarded.

Invictus supports a wide range of IT services focused on leveraging next generation, cloud-enabled, small footprint technologies.  Our experienced professionals are trained and certified in web and application development, cloud migration, cyber security, international systems and IT infrastructure engineering, and operations & maintenance services.


Operating in a world of complex federal initiatives and big data issues within the Defense, Homeland Security, and Intelligence sectors is not the only challenge facing today’s discerning cloud customer. The need for IC, DoD and Federal-wide collaboration is more important than ever given mission imperatives to share information in an era of declining budgets and increased security risks.  Invictus is the trusted partner you’ve been looking for. Understanding the inevitable necessity for future cloud-to-cloud linkages and how to align customers with DoD efforts such as the Army’s Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) Cloud or Intelligence Community – Information Technology Enterprise (IC-ITE), we at Invictus have extensive relationships with industry leading Cloud vendors and practical hands on implementation experience that will help lead your enterprise into a more collaborative future.


Our vendor agnostic approach affords the opportunity to explore and create emerging technologies in the constantly evolving digital market. We work across all mobile platforms with no bias toward web vs. native applications. Invictus backend programmers, system engineers, iOS or Android app specialists, and interactive web developers work seamlessly to deliver a best-in-class digital experience for the end user.

Our Best Practices delivery methodology insures that the services are completed in manageable stages and that these practices are concurrent with our clients’ business processes and priorities.


Invictus cyber security professionals have a broad range of CNA, CND and CNE experience protecting and monitoring client’s data, networks and infrastructure in the Federal, Defense and Commercial environments. Our unique insight into the real world threats posed to US national and commercial infrastructure allows Invictus cyber security professionals to preemptively source emerging threats and leverage cutting edge technologies to dispatch any intrusion.


The world’s ever changing geopolitical landscape presents the United States and its allies continued and formidable modern-day challenges. Information sharing with our security and intelligence partners, both foreign and domestic, has become increasing more important than ever. The professionals at Invictus International Consulting have a depth of knowledge and experience in how to appropriately manage and foster coalition networks and relationships to ensure safe and secure data dissemination. Our experience supporting intelligence programs in NATO, the 5-Eyes and other multinational environments has afforded Invictus a unique and unparalleled insight into how to build systems around our customers’ core mission requirements. Our innovative and specifically tailored design approach starts with the desired capability and works back through customer security and infrastructure challenges, allowing Invictus to build a solution that meets the mission needs first and foremost, while also carefully negotiating hardened security policies.


What’s in a website?  Before anything else, it’s a first impression. So it’s important to make a good one. Our skilled developers and experienced engineers recognize that the vast majority of the world accesses and regularly uses portal electronic devices or PED’s. What may look great on a desktop monitor may not effectively translate to a smaller mobile device on the battlefield. Being mindful of this, our website developers and solution engineers create fully-functioning designs from which to operate effective, yet at the same time, simple and easy to use viewing platforms while incorporating innovative, cost-cutting emerging technologies.

After the initial impression of a website design wears off it’s time for the site to communicate your message. That means that in today’s multi-faceted technology environment your possibilities to reach your customers or to effectively communicate with team members are endless. From advertising products to demonstrating corporate capabilities to outlining mission success, Invictus International Consulting can assist in creating a platform that goes beyond the status quo. Our interactive designs also provide additional resources for an agency to locate, communicate with, and learn more about their customers. It is for this reason that Invictus engineers are well versed in data analytics and capable of helping you make informed and strategic business decisions.


Cost and schedule are at the forefront of any good project manager’s mind when it comes to a facility fit-up project, as both can have significant impact on mission operations and capability. Invictus’ Project Management Institute (PMI) certified Project Management Professionals (PMP’s) work in close collaboration with our customer’s management team to assess requirements and develop an overall project management plan to mitigate risk and schedule delays. At Invictus, we understand that each customer, not to mention each project, has its unique challenges requiring a dedicated and experienced project manager for each major initiative. Each project management plan will be uniquely tailored to requirements utilizing established standards, industry best practices (ITIL v3 framework). Our PM’s will define the project schedule; outline milestones derived from the customer requirements and identify all resources needed to fully execute the project. These resources will include both Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) and contractor provided equipment (safety, transport, tools and testing), as well as pricing for all additional Other Direct Costs (ODC’s)


Enterprise IT drives innovation like infrastructure consolidation and modernization, cross-domain information sharing, cloud computing, Web 2.0 and a constant flood of new applications and IT services.

Leveraging advances like these across an IT enterprise helps government, military and commercial organizations achieve new levels of productivity and mission effectiveness.

Invictus employs industry leading professionals with decades of experience to bring together the expertise, technology and best practices required to deliver secure, low risk enterprise IT solutions that satisfy your needs today and meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Invictus Engineers support the full enterprise IT life-cycle from designing and integrating to operating, maintaining and securing the necessary systems, networks and equipment critical for mission success. Invictus works closely with customers to construct and maintain IT infrastructures that are modern, efficient, redundant, scalable, configurable and cost-effective.  Our Communications and Systems Engineers can make even the most disparate systems and organizations look and operate like one.


Invictus Network and Systems Integration Services adopt only the best industry methodologies, practices, and processes to develop consistent and advanced solutions that resolve deficiencies and reduce risks, transform underperforming networks, improve access, and provide measurable results.  We leverage ITSM processes based on industry best practices and certifications, such as CMMI, ITIL, and ISO to ensure successful mission outcomes and also develop innovative processes to streamline operations.

Additionally, Invictus provides operations and maintenance support to keep critical enterprise systems functioning to achieve required performance, security and reliability. We offer fully managed services to support our customers’ network operations centers and enterprise service desks by supplying facilities, systems, processes and personnel.


Invictus experienced UC Engineers integrate voice, video and data services for delivery across secure and highly available networks, increasing mission effectiveness to the warfighter and those supporting them. Invictus has extensive experience helping our customers transition from legacy PBX Systems to VoIP systems, leveraging our partnerships with leading VoIP vendors, including Cisco and Avaya.

So whether it’s converting a legacy phone system to VoIP, integrating a Unified Messaging video, voice and chat services or modernizing your full UC architecture, our engineers stand ready for the challenge.