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FAA Cybersecurity Awareness Symposium

February 22-23, 2023 –  Invictus participated in a two-day cyber-symposium hosted by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).

The annual Cybersecurity Awareness Symposium seeks to promote cybersecurity awareness, collaboration, and partnerships between the FAA, Interagency Stakeholders, Industry, and Academia. The event is an opportunity to discuss current security challenges as well as to network with peers and leading industry experts.

This virtual event targets an audience of FAA employees, contractors, and stakeholders from aviation, industry, and academia. It also provides participants an opportunity to engage with peers and leading experts on the cybersecurity threats, risks, and protections confronting aviation.

About Invictus International Consulting

Invictus is an award-winning cybersecurity services and technology solutions company that provides elite cyber talent to the National and Homeland Security communities, and commercial clientele. Invictus is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia and was founded by military veterans.