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Invictus Expands Into Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado – February 29, 2024 – Invictus International Consulting, LLC Announces Strategic Expansion into Colorado Springs, CO, Under the Leadership of CEO Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly, CEO of Invictus International Consulting, LLC, expressed his enthusiasm for the expansion, stating, “We are excited to establish a presence in Colorado Springs, a city deeply rooted in military heritage and innovation. This strategic move allows us to collaborate more closely with our military partners, leverage the talent pool in the region, and continue delivering exceptional solutions to our clients.”

Invictus anticipates employing 65-130 employees in Colorado Springs over the next 5-10 years. The average salary for this workforce will be approximately $166,000 per year.

The expansion comes at a pivotal time for Invictus, as the company continues to strengthen its position as a trusted partner for government agencies, defense organizations, and private sector clients. With a focus on providing state-of-the-art cybersecurity, technology, and intelligence solutions, Invictus is committed to supporting the nation’s security infrastructure.

Invictus International Consulting, LLC looks forward to building strong relationships within the Colorado Springs community and contributing to the city’s economic growth. The company is confident that this expansion will not only benefit its clients but also create new opportunities for collaboration and innovation, as well as investment within our new local community.

About Invictus International Consulting

Invictus is an award-winning cyber operations, engineering, and applied research company that focuses on solving the nation’s hardest problems. Invictus provides enterprise level engineering and operations support to national security systems to include advanced technologies, cyber threat vulnerability assessments and mitigation strategies.  Invictus also leverages our cybersecurity experience to provide support to clients in the areas of software engineering, intelligence analysis and enterprise information technology support. These efforts are focused toward providing our customers with more secure enterprises. Invictus is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia and was founded by military veterans. Learn more at or find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and X at @InvictusIC.