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CEO Messages January 01, 2019

Explore the Art of the Possible

“Exploration is the engine that drives innovation. Innovation drives economic growth. So let’s all go exploring.” – Edith Widder

To the Unconquered –

As the New Year beckons us to be diligent in our resolutions and persistent in our desire to ensure mission success, I was struck by the above quote from American Scientist Edith Widder. For your information, she is a specialist in bioluminescence and has been a leader in helping to design and invent new instrumentation and techniques that enable scientists to see the ocean in new ways. In addition, she takes no prisoners and has already been on over 250 submersible dives to the deep ocean. Not only that, but she is kind of a Bostonian!

Why do I mention her? Well, I was recently reviewing the updated resume database of our Invictus family (BTW get your new resumes in ASAP…as opportunities abound) and when I read this quote and researched what Widder had accomplished in her life thus far, I saw her professional commitment to excellence and drive to excel as a kindred spirit to the Spartan men and women of Invictus.

I would like to see the extraordinary talent within Invictus explore – explore the art of the possible. Always be thinking of (exploring) ways to make things better through multiple disciplines; better processes, better technologies, better innovative solutions. Of course, we should always ensure that we support the health and well-being of the client and the systems we support but we should always be exploring ways to “improve the engine” to drive innovation and improvement.

We have an abundant amount of talent with an extraordinary capacity for growth and influence. NEVER suppress innovative thinking. From the youngest to the oldest Spartan, I encourage you all to collaborate and communicate on how we can make things better for our client and this country. We can and we are making a difference, but we can always be better. Never fear the unknown. Embrace it. Keep exploring. As Edith Widder says, “Innovation drives economic growth” and since we’re a business that’s a REALLY GOOD THING!

God Bless and Remain Unconquered,