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CEO Messages July 01, 2018

Character Does Make a Difference

Lucius Mestrius Plutarchus, commonly known as Plutarch, was a Greek biographer and essayist. In the first paragraph of one of his well-known works, the Life of Alexander, Plutarch was not concerned with writing Alexander’s official history, but instead he focused his writing on exploring the influence of Alexander – good or bad – on the lives and destinies of men. In fact, in all of Plutarch’s essays, his interest was primarily focused on the hero’s morality, although the lives he studied (Caesar, Pericles, Alexander, etc.) had significant historical value as well.

I believe the Spartans of Invictus are all like Alexander, people of motivation and passion, and with great influence on those with which we come in contact. That said, I think we should all take a page from Plutarch and perhaps reflect on how our personal character influences others, good or bad. How does it impact those we care about in the workplace or at home, on their lives and perhaps also their futures? This reflection is not just for those in positions of authority, but it is perhaps of more value to those who are just representing themselves or the company. If we stop and consider for a moment who we really want to be when the pressure is on, our response can be truly heroic and our noble nature can come out. If we do that, the world will be a better place. I would like to believe that one of the ways we can live better lives and spread the Invictus mantra to others is by taking a pause to reveal to others the greatness within ourselves. Show everyone the good that you can do and reveal the mutual respect we have for others, despite our differences. Preempt the bad by highlighting the good. I would like all our teammates and competitors alike to want to be like us. Show them each and every day how our positive nature and ability to maneuver under duress can ensure mission success. We should freely help others focus on that mission goal and by doing this we will become that shining star leading others to not only solve critical problems, but also follow the path of living better lives.

Spartans of Invictus: your knowledge and expertise have a lot of authority to influence people and you have to do that in a very positive way, so we must continue to hoist the mantle of responsibility while continuously forging the path that follows the star. Plutarch cautioned us of our “frailties,” which passion, power, and authority can actually promote negatively. He believed that when we are placed in a position of influence that we should motivate those around us towards common goals, while also exciting their passionate commitment to the mission at hand. In this manner, the good and strong qualities of each other are enhanced and the bad “frailties” are suppressed. Keep answering the call with purpose and integrity so that we continue to make positive impacts in our world! Keep Defending the Gates and as always Remain Unconquered!

With great respect and admiration,
Jim Kelly – CEO, Invictus