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CEO Messages April 01, 2018

The “Eight” Agreements

To the Unconquered – I have often talked about The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz as a good way to build the foundation blocks of one’s “personal” life.

1. Be impeccable with your word
2. Don’t take anything personally
3. Don’t make any assumptions
4. Always do your best

So once you have that mastered those four…here are another four additional tenets to inject into your “business” life.

1. Do your job
2. Be Attentive
3. Pay attention to details

One might ask me where I got these and I would answer, from perhaps the Greatest Football Coach Of All Time. Some call him the GOAT, some call him Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots. While opposing teams and fans often cast aspersions on Belichick and his teams, literally all would beg their owner to hire someone of his cerebral intellect to take their team to the Super Bowl (of which Belichick has been to 10 and won 7). What makes someone like Belichick win more than his fair share one might ask? Well one could also question why one Company might be much more successful than another.

Bill might say, and I certainly would say, that there is a fine line between success and failure and it often comes down to not only how your prepare for the game or the opportunity in business but also how good is the composition of that company or that football team.

Bill’s lead credo of DO YOUR JOB resonates deep within the core of the Spartan workforce at Invictus. If we all just do our job to the best of our ability we are virtually guaranteeing Mission Success, which of course is the ultimate goal. That said, while we do our job…if we are attentive to shifting directives and desires we will be able to maintain an agility to flex to the opportunity quicker, better and with a characteristic professionalism that our client has grown to love. Of course, while doing that we must certainly pay attention to the smallest detail because as you know it is the little things that will ultimately make the difference and our attention to those things will always put us above the competition….just like the Belichick Coached Patriots.

Finally, if you get up in the morning after a great day at work and look in the mirror and tell yourself that you were responsible for the company winning the proposal or the team winning the game then you and your reflection will soon have a beautiful ride on the the roller-coaster of unhappiness. If however you dedicate yourself to uniting towards a common goal with your Spartans Defending the Gates of America….then I assure you that you will indeed win the Super Bowl…the Super Bowl of Life.

Remain Unconquered,