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Skill and Confidence are an Unconquered Army

Working alongside the Invictus Spartans puts me in awe on a daily basis. On any given day, dozens of Invictus men and women serve the important and extraordinary needs of our clients – “Defending the Gates” of critical Federal cyber networks, reinforcing the resiliency of the nations communications infrastructure, and providing intelligence analysis. These are just a few of vital services we support!

This past month Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico experienced some of the worst flooding and infrastructure damage seen in decades and perhaps in history as a result of Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Although these States saw devastating impacts they also saw the best of emergency preparedness and response. This was because of the resourcefulness of emergency responders and those behind the scenes ensuring that communications capabilities were operational. Within one program, Invictus’s Sam Stark, a unified communications expert, was singularly responsible for restoring all unified communications within our client’s infrastructure in the wake of Irma. Though an extraordinary outcome, this is not a terribly unusual story here at Invictus. Accomplishing exceptional outcomes in the face of extraordinary circumstances is what it means to be unconquered and unwavering in our commitment to preserve and protect the lives of our fellow Americans regardless the cost.

These hurricanes are not the last natural disasters to touch our shores or even the last National Emergency we will face together. Like so many of you, I took a moment of silence this September 11th in remembrance of what our nation lost 16 years ago, but this year I took an extra moment of gratitude to reflect on the goodness we have witnessed since then. In some of the darkest times of our nation’s history we have seen kindness, generosity, sacrifice, and strength in strangers, neighbors, and volunteers. When we stand united in the face of adversity or opportunity we will inevitably Remain Unconquered.

The British Poet George Herbert once said, “Skill and Confidence are an Unconquered Army.” We are constantly building exactly that and we will change the world. God Bless!

With great respect and admiration,
Jim Kelly – CEO, Invictus