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CEO Messages August 01, 2017

“Not How Many, but Where…”

To the Unconquered!

Abraham Lincoln once said, “I like to see a person proud of the place in which they live. I like to see a person live so that their place will be proud of them.”

Whether you are with Invictus, want to be with Invictus or are part of our broader family of teammates and friends, we all aspire to make a difference and be respected. We should not seek the limelight but rather focus on the mission. I believe that we are all achieving great things on a daily basis and I am certainly proud of every one of you. United in our devotion to this country, we are all Spartans to a soul…defending the gates.

Communication is important and as CEO of Invictus, I would like to welcome you to the Inaugural issue of our monthly newsletter. As most of you know, I started Invictus as a tribute to those who have paved the way before us, sacrificing everything and remaining unconquered in their desire to do what was right for our country.

More specifically, Invictus is a tribute to my father, James P. Kelly, whose favorite poem was Invictus, written by William Ernest Henley. He always preached that nothing in this world was insurmountable to the unrelenting, nothing was beyond the capability of the tenacious, Subscribe Past Issues Translate and that even under extreme adversity anything is possible if you believe in yourself and your unconquerable soul. Making a positive difference, and that is what we are accomplishing on a daily basis, at Invictus with our teammates and colleagues. I had a vision of assembling a team of Spartans with the best and brightest minds in intelligence, information technology and cyber security to “Defend the gates of America” 365x24x7. We are all part of the initial 300 and we should strive every day to make the uncommon common.

As Invictus celebrates our 3rd Anniversary, I believe we are fulfilling this vision of uncommon valor and devotion to our community. To our teammates, colleagues and family of Unconquered… You are all devoted to duty, dedicated to the mission and united in the Invictus family bond. It is only because of what you do day in and day out, committed to this cause that makes us unique, admired and respected. Take no prisoners and Remain Unconquered.

With the threats that are ever present facing our great nation, it is up to all of us to continue to relentlessly Defend the Gates! We hope you enjoy the Inaugural Issue of UNCONQUERED!

With great respect and admiration,
Jim Kelly – CEO, Invictus