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Invictus Insights

Artificial Intelligence: Transforming Our Work

By: Derek Weaver

Since the late 1950s academics, scientists, and researches have experimented with machine learning. Alan Turing’s theory of computation was the first to demonstrate that a machine could simulate the process of reasoning. Over the next 70 years, researchers built on Turning’s work, focusing on teaching a computer how to learn and become ‘intelligent.’ This became known as Artificial Intelligence, or, AI.

The central component of AI is its ability to teach itself. This approach is known as Machine Learning (ML). Your smart phone learns what time you eat, where you park, the routes you drive, and will even alert you to traffic delays. Machine learning is made possible by layers of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) very similar to those in our own body. These networks are composed of billions of artificial neurons receiving inputs and formulating responses. ANN enables complex decisions to be made by machines, but also allows them to learn and develop on their own.

Invictus’ Cyber Spartans continually research and develop new technologies to improve our customer’s cyber defenses. AI is now becoming not only more prevalent as adversaries continue to use malware to penetrate networks in an attempt to disrupt, destroy, and degrade our systems, but in our customer’s use of defense tools like security information and event management (SIEM) technologies that are used to flag these threats and defend against attackers. AI technologies will begin to help Security Operations Centers automatically manage flags, highlight abnormal user activities, and many other events that will allow security engineers to focus their time on analyzing threats vice searching for them.

Similarly, Invictus’ intelligence analysts and software developers are working with AI and ML technologies to transform the way intelligence analysis is accomplished. Our software developers work tirelessly to improve how intelligence analysts track threats and are developing and implementing new applications that make use of AI and ML to sort through the deluge of data an analyst has to review daily. As the amount of data that is required to be analyzed continues to skyrocket new AI technologies will be vital to cuing and flagging key information, so analysts can prioritize critical information. Invictus expects to be at the forefront of this technology as a prime contractor supporting a major all-source intelligence analysis contract for the next ten years.

Artificial Intelligence will have a growing role in our increasingly interconnected world. As Cyber Spartans, we are continuously upgrading our skills and knowledge in order to stay ahead of our adversaries.