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Software Engineering

We develop software that allows our customers to spend more time doing their job, rather than finding and organizing their data

Application Development and Modernization

Invictus has an AGILE focused Software Engineering Group (SEG) that supports clients as well as internal development efforts.  Invictus provides full scale application development and modernization, incorporating industry leading DevSecOps practices into our foundational framework.  Our Scrum Masters tailor our sprints to customer requirements and by integrating end users, we accelerate customer acceptance and integration.  Our approach has increased responsiveness to our customer needs by instituting a non-hierarchical, flat management construct that uses multi-disciplinary development teams.  Invictus has drastically shortened delivery times driven by continuous vice end-stage system integration.


Invictus engineers develop applications that are specifically engineered to leverage and integrate data from customer cloud environments.  Our Secure DevOps approach leverages our team of Security Control Assessors (SCAs) to ensure our applications are accreditation ready and have the necessary security controls built-in from initial development.  As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Select Tier Consulting Partner, Invictus has certified engineers and assessors that ensure integration and migration of customer applications with the cloud is seamless.   We maintain an AWS environment for our corporate headquarters and conduct development and testing within that environment as well.

Data Science

Our team combines a diversified portfolio of deep mission experience with tailored analytic technologies to transform data sets into actionable intelligence.  Our team is constantly interfacing with cutting edge machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) industry partners to utilize and integrate the best technologies as part of our software development efforts.  Technologies that provide intelligent search and organization capabilities along with continuous data refinement beginning with accurate tagging and the identification of quantitative and qualitative connections between points, harmonizing conditioned sets with the continuous integration of new sources. Our engineers have harnessed imaging analytics, and natural language processing that enable our customers to spend more time analyzing and making decision on vital information, vice organizing it.