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Intelligence Analysis

We provide battle tested and proven intelligence analysis capabilities that provide the warfighter, combatant commands, and national security clients with actionable, accurate, and timely data to support missions.

All Source Analysis

Invictus provides all-source and specific subject matter experts to our clients who utilize multiple data sources across intelligence disciplines to fuse disparate information into assessments that inform a range of customers from forward deployed tactical units to senior policy makers. We have supported both longer range studies and crisis operations support for counterterrorism and other military operations across the globe.  Our extensive experience across the customer spectrum enables our analysts to rapidly determine the credibility, significance, and relevancy of information to produce forward looking and predictive analytical products.  Invictus has also supported the production and dissemination of all-source products that are regularly read and commented on by our national decision makers.

Planning & Support

Invictus provides strategic planning and organizational support to a number of organizations.  Many of our planners are veterans, are familiar with the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) and have experience supporting previous military operations.  Our planners liaise with analysts to ensure the most relevant analysis is including in planning orders and decision briefings.  Invictus has supported both deliberate and crisis planning at Combatant Commands (CCMDs) and national level agencies.  Our support has included partner nation engagement and includes interagency coordination.  Organizational support includes a wide range of functions including Request for Information (RFI) management, Foreign Disclosure Officer (FDO) support, and other key enabling functions.




Invictus provides training for both clients and employees/team members ranging from all-source analysis, specific mission applications, planning and other support functions.  We align our career development programs closely with customer strategic analysis programs that foster analysts from entry-level critical thinking through advanced analytic methodologies.  Our training expertise includes curriculum planning, course development and instructor delivered classes.  Invictus has conducted training in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia and has experience building partner nation training programs.