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The best defense is a strong offense and we stay ahead of our adversaries by harnessing next generation solutions to address the challenges of tomorrow.

Defensive Cyber

Invictus subject matter experts have more than 20 years experience supporting Information Assurance, Security Control Assessments and direct threat engagement at customer hosted Security Operations Centers (SOC).  Our experience ranges from the operations monitoring and tracking, to deep cyber analytics and digital forensic techniques and labs.   Our cybersecurity engineers are experienced in Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), successful cyber hunt techniques and incident response and remediation.  Our team of experts have stood up and managed SOCs worldwide and we have provided comprehensive security assessments to US Government and commercial clients.  We team with industry leading technology and capability providers to provide the latest in cyber analytics, situational awareness, and assessment capabilities.

Capability Development and Testing

Invictus, combined with the capability of our Agile Cyber Technology 2 (ACT2) teammates, rapidly develops and tests new cyber capabilities to assist US Government cyber operators.  Our team consists of the top cyber development labs in the country providing capabilities to meet any access, payload, platform, or operating system requirement.  Cutting edge modeling and simulation capabilities combined with our live field testing environment in New Mexico provide some of the most advanced testing environments for our customers.  With more than 8 laboratories on our industry team, we are able to identify and test operationally sensitive equipment, infrastructure and techniques to develop new capabilities or fix technology that has already been fielded.

Policy & Governance

Invictus is leading the development and implementation of cyber policy and governance for a number of our customers.  Our policy and governance activities merge our understanding of industry standards and best practices with federal regulations, directives, and strategies. We bring hands on experience writing and working with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-53 Rev 4 security controls policy and bring experience identifying and monitoring controls in non-traditional systems/platforms.  Our expertise is highly sought after and we have provided commercial clients support in instituting a Risk Management Framework (RMF) to ensure compliance with US Government standards.  We have worked with Wall Street clients to ensure compliance with both NIST and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) standards and recommendations.

Cross Domain Solutions

With one of the largest and most experienced cross domain teams of engineers in the industry, Invictus is an industry leader that continues to assist customers move critical operational data between networks.  Invictus has developed and supported more than 18 different bi-lateral and multi-lateral international systems.  We lead accreditation assessments for a wide-range of cross domain systems and technologies for a large, global DoD enterprise and test capabilities at our corporate headquarters.  Our lead engineers participate in the Cross Domain Technology Advisory Board (CDTAB).  Our cross domain services allow the secure, real-time sharing of information between incompatible security domains and varying levels of classification.

Comprehensive Training

Invictus is leading the development of cyber curriculum and training to support US Government customers and assist in the development of the National Cyber Mission Force (CMF).  We also provide cyber threat awareness training for commercial entities.  Invictus has unique expertise developing and enhancing national cyber mission in accordance with US Cyber Command and government operational requirements.  For our government customers we provide tools, functional subject-matter expertise, and processes to inform joint development processes and associated training requirements.  We team with industry leading partners to provide cutting edge training environments that include “capture the flag” environments and cyber range environments that assist in tracking training objectives for individual cyber operators.  Our classroom development team has designed and engineered several cyber classrooms at FT Gordon.

Client Success Stories

  • Invictus Saves Thousands of Analyst Man Hours

    Our software development team developed a new application, that included AI technologies, to save a client thousands of man hours – enabling analysts more time to focus on doing analysis, vice searching for and organizing data.

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  • Integrating Security into FAA’s NextGen Systems

    As the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is modernizing the nation’s air transportation system, our team is ensuring cybersecurity is at the forefront of new control systems, radars, and protecting the data they utilize.

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  • Reduced Time to Accreditation Enhances Agency’s Security Posture

    Through the integration of cybersecurity controls across the lifecycle of information technology systems and programs, Invictus cut the time to accreditation while enhancing the agency’s overall security posture.

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