Former NSA Cyber Senior Executive Joins Leadership Team To Grow Cyber Hunt

Alexandria, VA, January 10, 2018—Invictus International Consulting, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business specializing in cybersecurity, is pleased to announce the addition of Kimberly Beam as VP of Cyber Operations. Beam will bring decades of cyber intelligence expertise to Invictus’ growing operational capabilities in cyber threat hunting, incident response, and red and blue team assessments.

Beam joined Invictus in September 2017 from the National Security Agency (NSA), where she served as the Chief of Cyber Security Counter Operations and after held critical leadership roles in standing up and transforming cyber organizations at the Department of Defense (DoD).

“As Invictus continues to evolve as a premier cyber security services provider serving the most critical intelligence interests of our Nation, we hope to continue to attract top talent like Kim,” said Nicholas Andersen, Invictus, VP of Corporate Strategy. “Not only is Kim an exceptionally impressive cyber expert with a breadth of intelligence experience, she also provides remarkable insights to a variety of operational and international partner dynamics, which are often difficult to navigate and advise on. She is taking on a big role here at Invictus and I am confident that she will do great things here.”

At the NSA Threat Operations Center (NTOC) she created strategies and managed partnerships that increased NSA’s understanding of nation state cyber activity and delivered cyber defense wins by optimizing use of domestic and foreign partner information and authorities. As a leader in CYBERCOM, Beam was part of the Operations team that executed worldwide, full-spectrum cyberspace operations in support of national strategic objectives.

Beam also served as the Chief of the Remote and Deployed On-Net Operations and the Chief of Counter Operations – a fast-paced cyber organizations of Red team (network hackers) and Blue team (network defenders) professionals, malware analysts, and boundary defense and countermeasure experts responsible for assessing and hardening classified facilities, information, and networks critical to the nation’s security. She produced wins for cyber defense operations by making connections and creating efficiencies others overlooked.

“While at CYBERCOM, Kim was the Executive Officer to the dual-hatted, 4-Star Commander of CYBERCOM and Director of NSA—a huge role to say the least,” said Jim Kelly, Invictus CEO. “She is capable of taking both a strategic and comprehensive view of national security missions, internally and across a broad set of stakeholders. Needless to say, Kim is up to the challenge of expanding our cyber hunt capability and growing our talent pool, advising clients while facing their most pressing cyber challenges, and growing the Invictus business.”