Spartans Speak

Cultivating Cyber Spartans

By Kim Beam

Invictus International Consulting delivers unmatched cybersecurity services encompassing offensive and defensive cyber operations, Information Assurance, and Information Technology expertise. Our teams help traditional and non-traditional clients comply with required standards, regulations, and directives to create defensible infrastructures and establish the capability to detect, respond, and recover from cyber threats and events.

Invictus has worked hard to establish an excellent reputation as a leader in providing cleared Information Technology and broad Cybersecurity services to its public and private sector clients. Corporate leadership built this reputation by selectively hiring and partnering with consultants that have proven skills in cybersecurity policy, compliance, operations and capability development.

Traditional USG clients benefit from the tailored services Invictus delivers. Typical support includes cybersecurity policy and compliance verification, Risk Management Framework (RMF) implementation, vulnerability identification coupled with specific recommendations to hardened world-wide infrastructures, training support, and creating efficiencies through process and workflow optimization. Invictus expanded its base of knowledge to understand the unique compliance needs of various commercial clients. Our consultants provided support to clients in the oil, gas, and electric power industries, as well as the financial and healthcare industries. In a recent operation, red team methodology was used to verify the security of client assets and infrastructure against adversary tradecraft and to evaluate client compliance with regulatory and enterprise directives.

Invictus International Consulting is an award winning cybersecurity consulting services firm with a strategic emphasis on building cyber defense operational capacity for its clients. These services are holistic in nature and include creating defensible infrastructures for our clients through compliance and detecting, responding to, and recovering from cyber threats and events. Invictus is expanding its operational expertise in cyber threat hunting, incident response, and red and blue team assessments through strategic hires, such as Kimberly Beam, former NSA Defense Intelligence SES. Ms. Beam brings a strong cyber operations background, having held leadership positions in the NSA Threat Operations Center (NTOC) and USCYBERCOM Operations, serving as the Chief of NSA’s Red, Blue, Hunt, and Incident Response teams, and most recently leading NSA’s Counter Cyber Operations organization.

Building on it’s already strong cyber defense operations capabilities, last month Invictus demonstrated its cyber chops at the GSA oral presentations and qualified under a special category, GSA IT70 Cyber SINs, as a pre-vetted company allowed to offer select cyber defense services to federal government departments and agencies.

Ultimately, Invictus is building a pipeline of multi-disciplined cybersecurity experts trained in the support of different types of missions. Additional flexibility and effectiveness will be gained as these experts step out of operations and apply operational insights to strategic planning, policy development, and training. We are creating full spectrum of Cyber Spartans!

Invictus embraces the tenacity, fortitude, and honor that characterizes Spartan fighters and strives to prepare our cyber warriors similarly. Spartans prized skill and discipline above all else, so only the most promising were trained to defend the gates as a united group. No one soldier was considered superior to another; value was placed only on their role in the greater achievements of the Spartan state. Finally, Spartans maintained a perpetual state of preparedness and took precautions to maintained adequate defenses around Sparta while eliminating threats elsewhere. Now, who doesn’t want to be an elite cyber Spartan? If you do, contact us!